Why Choose Quick Prep Logistics?

Wholesale Distribution

QuickPrep Logistics has the expertise in account setup and distribution to major retailers across the country. We have best in class Warehouse Management Software for EDI connectivity and efficient pick, pack, and shipment operations. Our experienced warehouse team will receive your goods quickly and store them or rapidly turn them around for bulk orders to all your major customers. We are setup to handle trans-loading from containers to full trailer, cross-docking, Less Than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload (FTL).

Multi-Channel Pick & Pack and Dropship Fulfillment

QuickPrep Logistics understand that your orders need to be fulfilled across a range of websites, marketplaces, and customers. We are setup to handle direct to consumer across multiple sales channels or dropship fulfillment operations including efficient setup and sales channel integration for fast, efficient, accurate and reliable multi-channel fulfilment. We have the flexibility to serve your unique business operations to fulfill your orders from all your sales channels.

Amazon FBA Prep, Overstock Storage and Replenishment

QuickPrep Logistics understand that Amazon FBA prep is critical to many businesses and you need to manage your inventory levels. Also, you may need your inventory available to ship direct to retailers and customers in a multi-channel environment. Our fulfilment team has prepped and shipped over 3 million units to Amazon FBA and we understand all the FBA inventory requirements. We can prep and replenish your FBA inventory, optimizing your supply chain and saving you money while giving you the flexibility to meet the demand for all your customers.

International Manufacturer’s Seeking Growth

QuickPrep Logistics services a wide range of international manufacturers, private label and distributors by receiving containers, inspecting, storage, distribution, cross-docking, pick and pack, Amazon FBA Prep, and splitting shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. We are the experts that you are looking for to handle your products professionally, efficiently and accurately. There are many growth opportunities for companies setting up their US operations and partnering with us to manage their supply chain. We offer you a cost-effective distribution and storage solution to securely grow your business.

Attention to Detail and Supply Chain Flexibility

QuickPrep Logistics will execute your distribution operations quickly and grow with your business. We offer kitting, assembly, quality assurance, re-ticketing, labeling and reverse logistics also known as returns handling. Our dedicated team is trained for process control and attention to detail to meet the needs of each customer's business.


Quick Prep Logistics is based in Southern California with ready access to the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, as well as the Los Angeles International Airport, and Ontario International Airport. Our stragic location provides a unique advantage to companies whose products are entering the United States from overseas. Cost effective and efficient container transportation to our warehousing facilities enables your products to be ready for distribution within the shortest possible time frame.

Amazon FBA Prep services

Getting your products into the Amazon Fulfillment Network can be a nightmare. Let us deal with all the requirements and restrictions Amazon places on FBA customers.
By working with Quick Prep Logistics, you have much greater flexibility in the products you can offer if you use our bundling and kitting services.
Short, medium, and long-term storage at highly competitive rates.
Distribution, Warehousing, Transloading, Cross-Docking, Receiving, Inspections, Labelling... View our services page for a full list of the multitude of 3PL services we offer.

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