Quck Prep FAQ

What are your storage fees?

There is a broad range for Storage fees due to the number of variables identified below. Please contact us to narrow the range of costs.

  • How many pallets?
  • What is the product?
  • How heavy/light is the product?
  • What is the height of the pallets?
  • Do you require primary location for ease of access or is it for long term, low priority locations?
Do you have an Inventory system?

We have an inhouse tool on which we can set up new customers. If you have your own, we can work with you on that as well.

Do you have racking for inventory?

Our facility is only 10 years old and has new racking. Each level is clearly marked and we are able to multiple UPC within same bay.

Do you partner with Freight Forwarders?

At this time, we do not offer freight forwarding services.

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?

Yes, we can ship to either location with your UPS or other logistics account number.

How many unique SKUs can you manage for drop ship?

Today, we handle 1500 unique SKUs for a single client.

Do you drop ship to businesses?

Yes. We drop ship direct to FCs (fulfillment centers), to individual businesses and on a smaller scale, to your customers.

Do you manage returns?

Yes. Return management is a service we provide.

What is your billing structure like?

We have four main components to our billing: Receiving, Shipping, Technology and Storage.

Can you provide photos for my website?

Yes. We have professional photography services available at our location.

Can you connect to the shopping cart on multiple websites where I sell my products?

Our services partner, Cambridge Services, is able to work with your web/IT team to ensure your customer accounts and shopping cart contents can be shared across multiple websites.

What is different between you labeling our products and Amazon per unit processing?

Like Amazon processing, we carefully receiving, inspect, repack according to your requirements, create your FNSKU labels and apply to products, repack for shipping and ensure UPS or LTL pickup. Unlike Amazon, you are able to visit our warehouse to observe our processes and Quality checks, and if you have specific procedures you want followed, we can easily accommodate.

Are you compliant to the Amazon standards for labeling products and for shipping?

Yes. We are fully compliant and understand well the unique placement requirements for products being sold on Amazon.

What is the difference between the UPS and FNSKU labels?

Amazon requires One barcode for each product unit. All products must have a UPC attached to it but only your FNSKU label should be displayed.

Can you photograph our products?

Yes. We have online and Amazon compliant photography services available at our facility.